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Pontoon dimensions

Each LinkfloteTM unit is comprised of a robust, all welded structural steel frame, with steel skin plates and a reinforced deck.

A standard LinkfloteTM unit is:

  • Length - 5,272mm
  • Width - 2,428mm
  • Depth - 1,230mm
  • Weight – 4,000kg (approx.)

1,840mm deep LinkfloteTM pontoons and special units can also be manufactured to order.

Standard LinkfloteTM units will support a uniformly distributed load of 95kN whilst maintaining a freeboard of 225mm.

The maximum permissible uniformly distributed deck load on each LinkfloteTM is 20kN/m2.

To ensure these loads can be safely applied to a particular LinkfloteTM arrangement, stability analysis and buoyancy checks need to be demonstrated.

VolkerBrooks can provide advice on the adequacy of units, to resist different loading conditions.